Q.  Do you read steno?  Which CAT software do you use?

A.  Yes.  I am fully trained in reading steno and utilize the most recent version of CaseCAT.




Q.  How long have you been scoping?

A.  I have been scoping for other court reporters since "retiring" from active court reporting in 2003.




Q.  What research tools do you use?

A.  SearchMaster, online research websites, and my own collection of reference books.  Please see

my Links and Reference Materials page for helpful online research websites.  It is extensive and I've

received many compliments on it!




Q.  What information will you need from me as a first-time client?

A.  You will need to provide contact information as follows:  your full name, primary e-mail address,

residence address, home/cell phone, and agency information.


It would also be helpful if you would e-mail one completed transcript which depicts your personal style/preferences.  Also, if you have one, please provide your preference sheet before sending your

first job.




Q.  What are your payment arrangements?

A.  Invoicing is via e-mail on the 1st and 15th of each month.  Payment is due no later than 10 days

from the invoice date.  Payment types accepted include personal/business check and GooglePay.




Q.  What if I have a question not covered on this website?

A.  Contact me by e-mail at ScopingByJulie@Gmail.com.